ACEC Washington Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to inform website visitors on what data ACEC Washington collects through its website and how we use that information.

What Information Do You Collect?

1. Website user information

a. ACEC Washington utilizes Google Analytics (GA) to record data pertaining to website visitors. This data includes generic location, web browser use, operating system used, and other non-user-identifiable data. Service provider data is also collected, but does not include IP addresses.

b. Data is collected on the number of web pages visited, average time on site, and how many pages per visit viewed, etc. There is no direct correlation data between service providers and page visits.

c. Data collected through registration on ACEC Washington’s Forum includes user’s IP address, email, and last time the user was online on the forum.

d. Data collected through ACEC Washington’s blog software, WordPress, includes similar data collected through GA. Data stored is only for maintaining a user account to contribute to the ACEC Washington blog. WordPress privacy policy.

2. Online surveys

a. ACEC Washington performs occasional surveys in which we collect a variety of information. Data collected can include name, home address, etc., and is completely voluntary to participate.

b. Survey data is collected to utilize members in advocacy efforts pertaining to industry-specific legislative action.

c. Survey tools used may have access to data submitted in surveys, but only as a function of tech support to the survey conductor, or with the consent of the survey conductor.

d. Survey data may be conveyed to contracted firms for statistical analysis. No personally identifiable information is transferred to third party firms, unless explicitly mentioned prior to survey.

What Do We Use The Information For?

1. ACEC Washington uses data collected from GA to determine how users interact with the ACEC Washington site.

2. Data collected provides insight into the trends of users; for example, more users adopting mobile devices, how many visits via mobile device, etc.

3. Data collected from the website will not be sold or provided to a third party. Data may be provided to governmental agencies upon request, but only in accordance with applicable laws.

4. Registration data may be used in presenting users with future events.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Access to the metrics is limited to ACEC Washington, and the data retrieved from GA is anonymous, therefore no personal information is stored or collected. For other information collected, reasonable steps are taken to prevent unauthorized access to the data. ACEC Washington utilizes third-party firms and/or software that include its own security and privacy policies.

Online Registration Information

1. ACEC Washington provides registration to our events via online registration with two payment options.

a. Option 1: Register online and pay by mail. A user may fill out an online registration form and submit form to ACEC Washington electronically. User is then responsible for delivering payment to ACEC Washington prior to event.

b. Option 2: Register online and pay online. A user may fill out an online registration form and submit payment online. Payment(s) are processed using a third-party solution (PayPal, Inc.).

2. Information collected during online registration.

a. ACEC Washington only collects data needed to process event registration. This includes first and last name of registrant, company name, additional registrants, additional event options, contact name, and contact phone number. Data collected from registration forms may be used to send registrants additional event information, or send future event announcements.

b. PayPal registration data collected is limited to registrant’s first and last name, company name, additional registrants, additional event options, contact name, and contact phone number. PayPal registration processing includes the purchaser’s account email, name on the account, and occasionally the address given in registration or payment (not always required).

c. At no time does ACEC Washington have access to, knowledge of, responsibility to, information pertaining to a PayPal account holder’s/PayPal purchaser’s private account information such as password, credit card(s), bank account(s), transaction history outside of ACEC Washington events, account balances, or other personal information contained in PayPal accounts.

Do We Use Cookies?

ACEC Washington website does not utilize cookies as part of the internally-created site. Externally developed web applications leveraged by ACEC Washington (Forum software, WordPress software, etc.) may utilize cookies to enable users to save passwords/account IDs to access those applications.

Third Party Links

ACEC Washington will post links to Third Party companies, in efforts to fulfill the mission of the company. Links are not guaranteed to be accurate or permanent.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy. ACEC Washington is not responsible for any acts of omission of this policy, and it is subject to change. If you wish not to receive emails from ACEC Washington, contact our office or email