More information regarding the ACEC PAC can be viewed on ACEC's site here.

Fundraising Events

ACEC Washington, and its members, provide annual fundraising events to support the ACEC PAC, in addition to direct contributions from members.

ACEC PAC Contributions

To help fund the efforts of ACEC in Washington, D.C., please consider contributing to ACEC PAC, which funds advocating the interest of the consulting engineering business in D.C. The Washington State contribution to the PAC has repeatedly been one of the top contributions among ACEC Member Organizations. Thank you to our politically involved leaders, and the fantastic efforts of our members for supporting this important endeavor.

It is critical that the engineering industry be involved in the business of politics, and ACEC/PAC is the industry’s preeminent vehicle for political engagement. Governmental decisions on the issues that affect the engineering industry can have a decided impact on your business and the future success of our industry. It is critical we help to elect policy-makers who understand our concerns and who will be open-minded to our views.

How to Contribute

There are multiple methods of contributing to the ACEC PAC. The easiest method is to download this PAC Donation form, fill out the information and send it to the ACEC Washington offices or ACEC National in Washington, D.C. PAC contributions can only be personal donations; personal check or cash.

In addition to the PAC form, ACEC Washington hosts an annual golf tournament where players can purchase mulligans for use during the round. Proceeds from mulligans go towards the ACEC PAC. Other fundraising opportunities will happen throughout the year at the Spring Conference and member-hosted events.

Another method of contributing to the ACEC PAC is the annual Sweepstakes drawing during the ACEC Fall Conference. For $200 you can purchase a ticket for the drawing, which awards cash prizes of $1000, $5000, and $10,000. ACEC Washington members have had great success winning these prizes. Act fast, as the Sweepstakes are limited in the number of tickets sold and it does sell out.