Spokane Area Municipal Liaison Committee

The committee is currently not active.

Port of Seattle Liaison Committee

The Port of Seattle Liaison Committee is currently not active.

Snohomish County Liaison Committee

The Snohomish County Liaison Committee is currently not active.

Sound Transit Liaison Committee

The Sound Transit Committee is currently not active


WSDOT/ACEC Washington Executive Committee

Committee Purpose: The WSDOT/ACEC Washington Executive Committee was created to provide a forum for addressing issues of common interest.

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  • Bridge and Structures
  • Business Administration
  • Design/Build

City of Seattle Liaison Committee

Committee Purpose: Strengthen mutual understanding and respect and create a forum that promotes proactive resolution of challenges and maximizing opportunities of interest to both the City and Consulting Profession.

Objectives: Educate each other about our businesses and agencies, understanding constraints, opportunities, policies, procedures, and interests.

Acknowledge inherent differences and common values between agencies and businesses; creating a sound basis for mutual respect, trust, and open communication.

Engage in collaborative problem solving as equal partners, achieving true success through long-term, sustainable solutions that satisfy the interests of both.

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King County Liaison Committee

This committee was created by King County and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Washington (ACEC-WA) to provide a forum for addressing issues of common interest. Both parties recognize the critical need for a strong partnership between the consulting engineering community and King County. The focus of our collective efforts is to delivery high quality, cost effective infrastructure projects to the public in the most effective manner possible. This partnership must be based on mutual trust and a commitment to open communication and proactive resolution of issues as they arise.

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Meeting Reports:
November 5, 2009 Executive Committee Meeting Report

AEA Committee

The mission of the AEA Committee is to foster effective working relationships between A/E consulting firms and the State of Washington contracting authorities that oversee the design and construction of buildings. Members of this committee include AIA, ACEC, University of Washington, General Administration, Washington State University, Office of Public Instruction, and Office of Fiscal Management (OFM).