ACEC Washington's Purpose

Why Join ACEC Washington?

ACEC Washington aims to be the voice of the design professional industry, advocating for improvined business conditions on behalf of our members. ACEC Washington also provides relevant and critical business education for firms within the industry to prepare and help position those firms competitively in their respective markets.

Here's what our current members have to say on why they have joined ACEC Washington:

Thomas E. Skillings, PE, President
Skillings-Connolly, Inc.

Tom Skillings"We participate in ACEC of Washington because of the high level of business training available at an affordable price and that is easily accessible. The subject matter of the classes that are offered is always directly relevant to the day-to-day operations of our firm. ACEC provides a great forum to develop relationships with peers in the industry who are more than willing to share their thoughts and ideas."

Carol Slaughterbeck, Herrera Environment Consultants

Carol Slaughterbeck“ACEC has been enormously beneficial to me and my firm. We continually turn to ACEC for up-to-date business practice information, leadership development and opportunities to discuss industry issues with peers, clients, and political representatives. The value we have received from the Core Competencies for Principals program, the liaison committees with key clients, and relationships built at ACEC is tremendous.”

Jared Smith, PE, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Jared Smith“ACEC provides the best place to network with industry colleagues and excellent forums to work collaboratively with our key clients on issues related to efficient project delivery.”

Kurt Gahnberg, Transpo Group

Kurt Gahnberg"ACEC is our primary resource for business practice education and leadership training, and the organization we rely on to speak for our business interests in Olympia, and Washington DC. Above all that is the value of the relationships we have developed with leaders at other firms in the industry. ACEC is the only organization we go to network with other professionals about our business."

Dwight Miller, PE, Parametrix, Inc.

Dwight Miller“As the leading engineering business advocate in the state and nation, ACEC gives our firms the exposure to clients and policy makers that really matters. From ensuring fair contract terms to advocating for greater contracting out of engineering services, member firms receive the strong support that enables all of us to partner effectively with our public and private partners.”

Jim Miller, PE, GeoEngineers, Inc.

Jim Miller“ACEC has been a valuable element of my professional career for more than 25 years. Through participation in ACEC-sponsored meetings and events, my business-related knowledge has benefitted greatly. ACEC events also create an excellent environment for networking with peer companies. It’s great to be involved with an organization that is committed to the success of private-sector engineering companies like ours.”

David A. Peters, PE, Senior Vice President, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Dave Peters“There is a very good reason why so many of the consulting engineering firms that are really making a difference in Washington State are active and supportive members of ACEC Washington—it is the premier organization for peer networking, industry advocacy, and on-target and timely business practice education and training. ACEC Washington is truly dedicated to improving the business of engineering in the state and region.”