Other ACEC Programs

Business Practice Breakfasts: 90 minute meetings delivered by an industry expert (or two) with an eye on the consulting industry.

Industry Meetings: ACEC Washington teams with multiple agencies and associations to deliver meetings with WSDOT, SAME, and SMPS.

Core Competencies for Professionals: ACEC Washington's flagship program is designed to provide aspiring leaders and established principals the broad foundation of business tools and knowledge necessary to fulfill the position of firm principal.

Conferences & Networking: ACEC Washington has conferences and social gatherings throughout the year. From the special Engineering Excellence Awards, to the ACEC Golf Tournament, to Spring Conference and Fall Conference, there is something for all members.

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and Workshops offer more in-depth sessions based on emerging industry issues. These events range from half-day seminars to multi-day retreats. Seminars cover topics like negotiating contracts, enhancing your firm's marketing impact, and others. ACEC Washington hosts at least 4 half-day seminars a year and are typically mid-month events.

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The 2013-14 Seminars & Workshop Topics